Peppa Pig Fairy Cake

My daughter has turned 3 on the 2nd of April.  
Since about a month ago she was asking for a Peppa Pig cake. 

Last year's birthday celebration was a simple one at home with family and some friends, but this year we decided go all out and hold a special huge Peppa Pig Fairy theme party for her. And of course, what is a Peppa Pig party without a cute Peppa Pig Fairy cake?

This Peppa Pig Fairy Birthday Cake was made specially for my 3 year old daughter based on her love for Peppa Pig, The cake is a multi-tier chocolate cake with yummy peanut butter-cream filing, frosted with chocolate ganache and covered with fondant. 

I was very enthusiastic and excited to design the cake for her. I had searched around on Pinterest and found some inspirations for the lovely Peppa Pig Fairy Cake for my sweet little daughter..

Happy Bday to my Sweet Little Jovina! Mummy loves you.