Mickey & Pluto Specialty Cake

A special cute Mickey & Pluto Birthday cake for Paco.
They're such a cutey.
Happy Birthday Paco !

Anime Themed Cake (One Piece: Fire-Fist Ace)

An Anime Themed Birthday cake for my Hubby.
Fire Fist Ace is one of my hubby's favorite character from the "One Piece" anime.
Happy Birthday my lovely Hubby! ^x^

Chanel Designer Handbag Cake

An elegant Chanel Designer Handbag Cake for lovely Angel's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Angel !! 

Kawaii Piggy Cake

A special kawaii Piggy birthday cake for Yean. 
Piggy is such a Cutey!
Happy Birthday Yean! 

Elegant Floral Wedding Cake

An Elegant Multi-Tier Floral Wedding Cake
complimented with fondant topped cupcakes for Pui Yee's Wedding Event.
All the fondant flowers were specially handmade individually. 
Congratulations Pui Yee & Kaa Heng !

 made with love  ... 

Mr.Naughty in Jeans

Our Signature Mr.Naughty Cake was specially made for Joanne's bachelorette party.
Mr. Naughty felt too hot in the jeans and needs to come out for some fresh air.
Say hello to Mr. Naughty. ^x^

fresh from My Naughty Oven ...

Casanova Surprise Cake

A surprise Six Pack Hunky Casanova in a Box cake for Lawrence. 
Inside, it's a yummy Green Tea Butter Cake flavour.

Happy Birthday Lawrence !

fresh from My Naughty Oven ...

Elegant Floral Cupcakes

Elegant Floral Designer Cupcakes for Kimmy's Birthday.
So many beautiful flowers all around.. 

made with love ...

Cutie Minion Cake

A Cutie Minion Cake for Timothy's 5th Birthday.
It's so cute & adorable.... ^o^

fresh from My Naughty Oven ...

Sheryl BITO Forever After class

  I'm so grateful & happy that I'm able to attend Sheryl Bito's class. 
Sheryl Bito is my idol, her cake designs are elegant and unique. 
I was excited when I first found out she's conducting a class in Malaysia & registered immediately. 

She is a friendly, funny and cute person. I really enjoyed my time with her in the class. 
Learnt many different cake decoration techniques that I can apply on my cakes. 
Below is my end product of the Sheryl Bito Forever After class.  

Thank you Sheryl Bito. *_*

Forever Love Anniversary Cupcakes

Some cute Forever Love Anniversary Cupcakes for lovely Sheryl & her hubby. 

Happy Anniversary and may
your marriage be Blessed with love,
Joy & Companionship
For all the years of your lives...

handmade with Love ....

Elegant Romantic Cake

An Elegant Romantic themed R.O.M (Registration of Marriage) + Birthday Cake for Lavonne from her lovely Hubby with a pink Prada Handbag, pearls & flowers. Complimented with a lovely kissing couple & wedding rings cupcakes.

handmade with Love ....

Mr.Naughty Cake

A Classy Signature Naughty Cake for Adelyn's Bday. 
Say hello to Mr.Naughty. ^x^ 

fresh from My Naughty Oven ...

Mickey Birthday Cake

This is an elegant Mickey theme cake for Adelyn's birthday. 
Complemented with several designer themed cupcakes which consists of Hermes hat, LV handbag, Chanel handbag & perfume.

handmade with Love ....

Sweet Happy Anniversary Cake

This is a lovely Happy Anniversary cake for Karen & Chia. 
Included several adorable handmade 3D figurines of every family members & their puppy. 
There are such a lovely family. 
Happy Anniversary!! 

Signature Naughty Cupcakes

Classy Signature Naughty Cupcakes for a Bachelor Party

fresh from My Naughty Oven ....

Chinese Longevity Cake

This is a lovely custom made novelty cake for Mother's Day + Birthday. 
The Cake Base is green tea butter-cake and frosted with white chocolate butter-cream. 

handmade with love ......

Chanel Inspired Cupcakes

Lovely Chanel Inspired Cupcakes for Emily's Bday.

homemade with Love ....