Elegant Romantic Cake

An Elegant Romantic themed R.O.M (Registration of Marriage) + Birthday Cake for Lavonne from her lovely Hubby with a pink Prada Handbag, pearls & flowers. Complimented with a lovely kissing couple & wedding rings cupcakes.

handmade with Love ....

Mr.Naughty Cake

A Classy Signature Naughty Cake for Adelyn's Bday. 
Say hello to Mr.Naughty. ^x^ 

fresh from My Naughty Oven ...

Mickey Birthday Cake

This is an elegant Mickey theme cake for Adelyn's birthday. 
Complemented with several designer themed cupcakes which consists of Hermes hat, LV handbag, Chanel handbag & perfume.

handmade with Love ....